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How Many States Have Legal Marijuana 2021?

Want to know how many Americans across this land have demanded access to legal marijuana in 2021? How many states have legalized medical or recreational cannabis? The answer may surprise you - or at least it would the American drug czars of the 1980s.


  • 11 states have legalized adult-use also known as recreational marijuana.

  • 35 states have legalized medical marijuana programs for residents with qualifying conditions.

How many Americans have Access to Legal Marijuana in America?


  • 1 in 3 Americans can now buy marijuana in America based on population.

  • 109 million Americans

In 2020, voters in New Jersey, Arizona, and Montana overwhelmingly approved ballot measures to legalize marijuana. South Dakota and Mississippi voters also approved to legalize medical marijuana on Election Day.

How Many States Have Legal Medical Marijuana Laws?

Answer: 21 states have medical marijuana ONLY programs.

  1. Arkansas

  2. Connecticut

  3. Delaware

  4. Florida

  5. Hawaii

  6. Louisiana

  7. Maryland

  8. Minnesota

  9. Mississippi

  10. Missouri

  11. New Hampshire

  12. New Mexico

  13. New York

  14. North Dakota

  15. Ohio

  16. Oklahoma

  17. Pennsylvania

  18. Rhode Island

  19. Utah

  20. Virginia

  21. West Virginia

How Many States Have Medical and Recreational Marijuana Laws?

Answer: 14 states in the U.S.A. have legalized BOTH Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis

  1. Alabama

  2. Georgia

  3. Idaho

  4. Indiana

  5. Iowa

  6. Kansas

  7. Kentucky

  8. Nebraska

  9. North Carolina

  10. South Carolina

  11. Tennessee

  12. Texas

  13. Wisconsin

  14. Wyoming

How Many States Have Recreational Marijuana Programs?

Answer: 10 US states have legalized the sale of Adult-Use marijuana.

  1. Alaska

  2. California

  3. Colorado

  4. Illinois

  5. Maine

  6. Massachusetts

  7. Michigan

  8. Nevada

  9. Oregon

  10. Washington

How Many States Are Starting Marijuana Programs in 2021?

Answer: 5 US states have passed laws for marijuana programs BUT are pending implementation.

  1. Arizona

  2. Montana

  3. New Jersey

  4. South Dakota

  5. Vermont

What Can Happen in 2021 for Cannabis Reforms and Legalization?

The Democrats now control the Senate and the White House. One could expect a push for cannabis reforms on state and federal levels.


  • A third of House members represent states where marijuana is legal

  • A fourth of the Senate represent states where marijuana is legal

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