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Michigan: World 3 Judges & $100 in Savings for Medical Cannabis Patients

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Step-by-Step Patient Services!

Need help getting your new medical marijuana card in Michigan?

Let OMNI Medical help. We can walk you through the new and renewal applications and provide evaluations for certification.

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What’s In Your Canna DNA?

Get at home testing kits to meet your needs and become the most informed cannabis patients you can be!

Includes Your Own Secure Online Health Portal!

  • 57 different genetic Trait Reports in 12 different categories.

  • Precision cannabinoid ratios and terpene profile matching.

  • Personalized drug-to-drug interaction alerts.

  • Cannabinoid risks/benefits for your specific genotype.

  • Personalized wellness plan.

  • Endo·Aligned formulations suggestions.

  • Endo·Aligned Trusted Formulations marketplace.

  • Geolocation product finder.

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