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Breaking Michigan: Marijuana Delivery for Free within 1 Hour?

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

From just say “no” - to just say “to go” Michigan takes progressive steps to expand the state’s cannabis economy with ‘pot shop home-deliveries!” Since 2008, Michigan has been a leader in medical marijuana economies of scale. Indeed, the state has the 2nd largest MMJ market in America (only California is bigger.)

The new business offering has launched in Motor City, Detroit.

  • place order online

  • delivery within an hour

  • within the legal limit of 15 grams concentrate

  • valid ID at the address

In December 2019, the Great Lake State became the 10th U.S. state to legalized recreational cannabis for adults.

How Big is Michigan’s Adult-Use Marijuana Market?

Less than a 365-days after legalization, Michigan has already become the nation’s 5th highest-grossing recreational market and passed Nevada. If trends continue, Michigan will see $1 billion in sales in the first year of adult-use sales! Source HeadSet

Source image, Raamiz Naeem.

As COVID-19 protocols continue to adapt, companies are taking advantage of new opportunities for safe, affordable, and legal access for cannabis.

OMNI Medical supports continued legalization for both medical and adult-use.

Find Medical Marijuana Doctors Near You in Michigan

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