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OMNI Medical Cannabis Research

Research summary and goals:

1. To identify patients willing and able to participate in medical cannabis research.

2. To determine medical cannabis treatment safety

3. To determine medical cannabis treatment standards.

4. To determine the quality of life outcomes in cannabis patients.

Participant Survey

Please fill out the following form
in order to participate in potential OMNI research.

Time to complete: 2 minutes.

Patient Background

What is your age group?
Have you participated in clinical trials before?
Are you currently a cannabis consumer?
Do you have a current medical marijuana card?
Do you regularly smoke or vape?
Do you use tinctures?
Are you interested in at home delivery?
Do you intend to renew your medical card?
What conditions apply to you?

More or Less Likely to Participate

Requires doctors recommendation.
Attend monthly appointments.
Does NOT involve extra effort.
No cost to the patient.
Are you a military veteran?
Does involve extra effort.
Minor cost for patient.
Are you a US citizen?
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