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Breaking News: North Carolina Senator Reveals Long-term Medical Marijuana Use

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

North Carolina Senator Reveals Long-term Medical Marijuana Use

North Carolina State Sen. Bill Rabon, a staunch supporter for the legalization of medical marijuana, stunned the General Assembly on Tuesday by openly sharing his 20-year long use of cannabis.

reaking News: North Carolina Senator Reveals Long-term Medical Marijuana Use, Kindling Hope in Cann

(Photo Credit: The Fayetteville Observer Twitter)

A testament to his survival against cancer, this disclosure further highlighted the hypocrisy surrounding the nation's stance on cannabis.

Rabon, a colon cancer survivor, has been tirelessly advocating for the legalization of medical marijuana for patients battling grave and terminal illnesses. In an unabashed disclosure, Rabon admitted to the life-altering role cannabis played in his personal fight against cancer.

He said, "I’ve told it many, many times privately, and I have no shame in saying, you know, ‘this is what you will do in order to stay alive.'"

Rabon, 71, was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer at 48. His prognosis was bleak, with an estimated 18 months left to live post-surgery. However, Rabon decided to defy odds and choose life, opting for cannabis as a way to manage the excruciating side effects of his aggressive chemotherapy.

With his initial refusal to consume illegal substances, Rabon found himself facing an impasse.

With no other options, he finally declared to local law enforcement that he would resort to illegal means to procure the cannabis he needed to survive.

Miraculously, Rabon never had to engage in illicit transactions. His needs were met as cannabis mysteriously appeared in his mailbox.

Rabon credits medical marijuana for his survival. He told the committee, "Having access to medical marijuana at home is “the only reason I’m alive today.” Advocating for the legalization of medical marijuana, he stressed the benefits it could bring to tens of thousands of North Carolinians.

The GOP-majority state Senate passed a medical marijuana bill on March 1, awaiting approval in the House.

The bill, if sanctioned, would allow patients suffering from over a dozen conditions such as cancer, epilepsy, ALS, PTSD, terminal illnesses, and those receiving hospice care to qualify for medical marijuana treatment.

Democratic Governor Roy Cooper has hinted at his support for the bill, promising to sign it into law if it arrives at his desk.

Rabon's brave admission underscores the glaring hypocrisy in the nation's cannabis laws. It also inspires hope in cannabis users and advocates nationwide. Multiple studies have consistently proved the efficacy and safety of medicinal marijuana for pain relief in cancer patients, echoing Rabon's testament.

The cannabis debate, thus, doesn't solely revolve around legality anymore; it's about people, their struggles, and the lengths they would go to ensure survival. Rabon's story is a powerful reminder of that truth.

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