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Cannabis and COVID: Just the Facts 2021

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

COVID-19 has been on everyone’s lips since last year. Understandably, there have been a lot of questions about its relationship with medical marijuana.

Marijuana is effective at treating inflammation and seizure disorders such as epilepsy. It has also been reported to help with cancer and diseases in the immune system.

So, Does Medical Cannabis Help with COVID-19?

The Coronavirus is not a disease that attacks the immune system directly. However, the immune system may respond to a COVID-19 infection in such a way that it triggers an autoimmune disorder. Hence, for those with existing autoimmune disorders, it is far more dangerous.

Medical marijuana is often used to treat or alleviate the effects of autoimmune disorders. Does it have any effect on COVID-19? Researchers have been working to test the relationship between COVID-19 and medical marijuana. Their findings are explained in this post – just the facts.

Fact: Medical Marijuana alleviates certain symptoms of COVID-19

One of the main symptoms experienced by COVID-19 sufferers is lung inflammation. Cannabisis well known for treating inflammation. When it is taken nasally or as vapor, it travels directly to the lungs and affects them immediately.

Two cannabis extracts have been noted to help alleviate COVID-19: the common CBD, and Terpenes. Combined, they offer the best response against inflammation in the lungs.

How does this work? Certain proteins, including ACE2 and TMPRSS2, make the body cells more susceptible to entry and infection by the SARS-COV2 virus. CBD and other forms of medical marijuana decrease and regulate the production of these proteins.

Fact: Use of Regulated Marijuana does not increase the chances of COVID-19 infection

According to some studies, the use of tobacco and marijuana decreases the nose and airways’ ability to deal with viruses. However, these studies used black market products that were combined with tobacco.

Pure medical cannabis extracts do not have such a strong effect. They also do not have to be inhaled. They can be taken orally as tinctures or through the skin, leaving the airways unaffected.

Fact: Medical Marijuana usage does not increase the chances of a Breakthrough Case

A “breakthrough case” refers to getting infected with COVID-19 even after being vaccinated against it. A few studies have shown that heavy users of Marijuana are more likely to experience breakthrough cases. However, there are some caveats to these cases.

First of all, medical marijuana users are not the same as heavy users. The latter refers to those with substance abuse issues. The studies only looked at those who use cannabis to such an extreme degree that it impairs their ability to function.

The findings suggest that the increased chances of a breakthrough case are related to general substance abuse, not the use of one particular substance.

Conclusion: Medical Cannabis and Covid

Therefore, we can conclude that medical marijuana does not have a detrimental effect in regards to COVID-19. Most research suggest that point towards substance abuse instead.

Medical cannabis may help alleviate some of the symptoms, and possibly provide relief for those experiencing inflamed lungs and difficulty breathing.



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