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End of Year Review: Top 10 Cannabis Stories of 2023

Unveiling the Milestones in Cannabis Legislation 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, OMNI Medical reflects on the year’s significant developments in the realm of cannabis. This year has been pivotal, marked by groundbreaking legislative proposals that promise to reshape the cannabis landscape.

End of Year Review: Top 10 Cannabis Stories of 2023
Photo by Thiago Patriota

The Top 10 Cannabis Acts that Defined 2023

1. The STATES 2.0 Act: A Leap Towards Federal Decriminalization

Introduced by Rep. Dave Joyce, this act proposed ending federal marijuana prohibition in legal states, a monumental step towards normalizing cannabis commerce and taxation.

2. The MORE Act: Championing Expungement and Legalization

Spearheaded by Rep. Jerrold Nadler, the MORE Act, which passed the House, aimed to federally legalize cannabis and expunge prior convictions, symbolizing a shift towards justice and equity.

3. States Reform Act: Preserving State Cannabis Markets

Authored by Rep. Nancy Mace, this legislation sought to federally legalize marijuana while respecting existing state markets, highlighting a collaborative federal-state approach.

4. The HOPE Act: Advocating for Record Expungement

This bipartisan bill, reintroduced by Joyce and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, emphasized encouraging local governments to clear marijuana records, aligning with social justice principles.

5. The PREPARE Act: Commissioning Cannabis Regulation

Proposed by Joyce and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, this act aimed to establish a commission for creating a regulatory system for cannabis, mirroring alcohol industry models.

6. Small Business Tax Equity Act: Leveling the Playing Field

Introduced by Rep. Earl Blumenauer, this measure sought to amend tax codes to allow cannabis businesses to take federal tax deductions, fostering fairness in taxation.

7. The CURE Act: Safeguarding Employment and Security Clearances

8. The GRAM Act: Upholding Second Amendment Rights

Filed by Rep. Brian Mast, this act focused on protecting the gun rights of legal marijuana users, challenging federal law restrictions.

9. Veterans Equal Access Act: Supporting Veterans' Health Choices

This bipartisan bill, introduced by Blumenauer and Mast, proposed allowing VA doctors to recommend medical marijuana, prioritizing veterans' healthcare options.

10. The Higher Education Marijuana Research Act: Boosting Cannabis Studies

Authored by Reps. Dina Titus and Joe Neguse, this legislation provided funding for universities to research cannabis, enhancing our understanding of its benefits and risks.

Join the Movement: OMNI’s Medical Cannabis Research Group

As we reflect on these significant strides, OMNI Medical invites you to be part of the ongoing journey. Join our Medical Cannabis Research Group to stay at the forefront of cannabis knowledge and contribute to shaping its future.

Leverage the power of community and knowledge. Share these stories using our curated hashtags and join the conversation. Your voice matters in shaping a more informed and equitable cannabis future.


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