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Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Program

Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Program

The use of medical marijuana was legalized in the state of Ohio on September 8, 2016. Three state agencies are responsible for overseeing the state’s program.

  • the Ohio Department of Commerce,

  • the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy,

  • and the State of Ohio Medical Board.

Keep reading for a general overview of Ohio's medical marijuana program.

Who Can Prescribe Medical Marijuana in Ohio?

Under Ohio law, a doctor or physician must have an active and unrestricted license to practice medicine and surgery to be eligible to hold a ‘certificate to recommend’. Those physicians who apply for their certificate to recommend are required to complete at least two hours of continuing medical education in a course or courses which are certified by the Ohio state medical association. This course is meant to assist physicians in diagnosing qualifying medical conditions and treating those conditions with the use of medical marijuana.

Physician applicants must also have no ownership or investment interest in or compensation agreement with any medical marijuana entity licensed to sell medical marijuana.