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Florida GOP Opposes Marijuana Legalization Amendment

Florida Republicans Reject Amendment 3 Legalization

The battle over marijuana legalization in Florida is heating up as the state's Republican Party gears up to formally oppose Amendment 3, a proposed constitutional initiative that aims to legalize adult-use marijuana sales. Set to be voted on this November, Amendment 3 could transform the cannabis landscape in Florida by allowing existing medical marijuana facilities to sell to adults 21 and over.

GOP Stance on Amendment 3

The Executive Board of Florida's GOP announced its opposition to the amendment during its recent quarterly meeting, citing concerns about children’s safety and potential risks to Florida’s family-oriented business and tourism sectors. The Board claims that Amendment 3 will "put children at risk" and "endanger Florida's family-friendly business and tourism climates."

Governor Ron DeSantis echoed these concerns, pledging to bolster 'counter-messaging' efforts to challenge the measure. At a recent press conference, he argued that legalizing adult-use marijuana would negatively affect Floridians' quality of life.

What Amendment 3 Proposes

Amendment 3 seeks to amend the state Constitution to allow existing medical cannabis businesses to:

  • Sell marijuana to adults aged 21 and older.

  • The measure permits the legal possession of up to three ounces of marijuana.

  • No more than five grams in concentrate form.

  • Home cultivation remains off-limits.

The multi-state cannabis company Trulieve provided substantial funding for the initiative, which requires a supermajority (60 percent) voter approval to become law.

The Current Legal Landscape

Florida maintains strict marijuana possession laws, classifying possession of more than 20 grams as a felony, punishable by up to five years in prison. Smaller amounts are considered a misdemeanor and can lead to up to a year behind bars.

Despite the recent push for legalization, state agencies have not submitted comprehensive marijuana-related arrest data to the FBI for several years. Historically, Florida has been one of the top states for marijuana-related arrests.

Stay Ahead of the Politics

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