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Michigan: Appeals Court OK's Medical Marijuana for those on Probation

Breaking News: Michigan Medical Marihuana Act

The Michigan Court of Appeals upholds the rights of patients on probation to have access to medical cannabis! After 12-years, this is the first time a Michigan appeals court has ruled on an issue pertinent to treating cannabis as medicine.

"In a monumental change of course, the Michigan Court of Appeals issued a landmark published opinion on February 11, 2021, with its decision in People v Thue."

source: Lansing Injury Law News, John W. Fraser

How many judges on the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled in favor of medical marihuana while on probation?

Answer: The Michigan Court of Appeals ruling was a unanimous decision 3-0.

When did Michigan legalize medical marihuana?

Answer: The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMMA) was approved by voters in 2008 with 63% approval.

How many medical marihuana patients are in Michigan?

Answer: 243,372 Michigan residents are registered to possess medical marijuana.

How much medical marihuana did Michigan patients purchase in January 2021?

Answer: $67,406,608.88 - Sales by Product Type

  • Total Sales Flower $34,678,753.18

  • Shake/Trim $2,891,977.84

  • Concentrate $4,904,515.90

  • Vape Cartridge $12,375,260.82

  • Kief $127,500.62

  • Infused-Edible $11,741,000.56

  • Infused Non-Edible Solid $218,528.31

  • Infused Liquid $420,414.94

  • Infused Non-Edible Liquid $48,656.71

If you're a resident of Michigan and have questions about medical marihuana access, call today and speak with a medical marijuana doctor.



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