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OMNI Medical Services Offers Groundbreaking Personalized Cannabis Solutions with Endocanna

Groundbreaking Personalized Cannabis Solutions

Cannabis legalization has swept across several states in the past two decades, catalyzing a rise in medical and recreational usage. Yet, with this growth comes an increasing concern: adverse health reactions to cannabis products, particularly among the older demographic. As the cannabis industry matures, the need for personalized and safe cannabis consumption becomes more pertinent.

OMNI Medical Services Offers Groundbreaking Personalized Cannabis Solutions with Endocanna

First of its Kind: Endocanna's Patented DNA Test

That's where Endocanna Health Inc., a Burbank-based genetic testing company, steps in with their groundbreaking DNA test.

This test, the first of its kind to earn a patent in the United States, promises a unique and powerful method to match consumers with safe and suitable cannabis products tailored to their individual cannabinoid neuron systems. It's an exciting development, not just for cannabis users but also for their prescribing physicians.

"The surge in emergency room visits by cannabis consumers over 65 years of age in California has increased nearly twentyfold between 2005 and 2019," states Endocanna Health, emphasizing the need for such a technology. Len May, Endocanna’s chief executive, elaborates: "We’re proud to provide a personalized platform that effectively addresses serious health concerns while removing the associated risk of adverse reactions."

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS)

Endocanna's DNA test comes at a time when the rising incidence of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) - a rare, potentially fatal condition caused by high cannabis consumption rates and resulting in severe vomiting episodes - is making national headlines.

To combat this, Endocanna's DNA test screens individuals for potential susceptibility to CHS and other adverse reactions to cannabis. The company's proprietary artificial intelligence platform subsequently offers precise cannabinoid ratios and terpene combinations that suit each individual's profile.

"We know that everyone responds to cannabis products differently. That’s why personalized cannabinoid therapeutics are essential to ensuring better health outcomes. We are thrilled to receive the intellectual property protection for our comprehensive DNA test that is pioneering endocannabinoid compatibility," says May.

OMNI Medical Services, in a strategic collaboration with Endocanna Health, offers its medical cannabis patients this novel technology, fostering a new era of precision medicine in cannabis therapeutics. With this analysis in hand, OMNI can provide the recommended cannabis product formulations and dosage allotments to each of its patients.

Promoting Safer and More Effective Cannabis Usage

Having studied cannabinoids and their impact on human physiology for over two decades, Len May decided to launch Endocanna Health in 2017. He observed that different people using cannabis for the same medical condition often had varied reactions to identical cannabis products. This observation sparked the genesis of Endocanna Health's DNA test.

A Personalized, Safer Cannabis Experience Designed For Your Needs

Endocanna Health currently has two other patents pending for its innovative cannabinoid formulations and its AI platform. With such a revolutionary technology, it's clear that OMNI Medical Services' patients are in for a personalized, safer cannabis experience, designed uniquely for their health needs.

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