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Plant Chart: Benefits & Uses of Cannabis, Marijuana, Trichomes, Seeds, Roots, Stems, Stalk, Bud

What are the Benefits of the Cannabis/Marijuana Plant?

Over the last decade activist across America (and the globe) have demanded renewed access to cannabis plant, which includes both low-THC hemp and high-THC medical marijuana. Prior to 1937, cannabis in all its forms was widely used globally for both industrial, medical, and recreational use. Ancients used cannabis for to make clothing, sails, as well as oils and hashish.

Benefits and Uses of Cannabis, Hemp, and Medical Marijuana Plants

The majority of United States now have access to cannabis cultivation in many forms; hemp, medical, and adult-use (recreational) marijuana. The plant itself remains manly the same regardless of how humans and regulators categorize them. The plant IS a plant.

Use of Cannabis Flower

The dried flowers/buds of the female hemp and marijuana plants are normally ingested, smoked, or vaped. They have the highest concentration of THC/CBD. The flowers are also used to make hashish, oils, and edibles.

Use of Marijuana Buds: Pistil, Sugar Leaves, Bud, Calyx, Trichome