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Ron DeSantis Controversial Bill: Is He Stifling Florida's Medical Cannabis Boom?

Navigating Medical Cannabis in Florida: There are several new requirements that Florida’s medical cannabis industry faces.

The Evolving Cannabis Landscape in Florida

Florida has traditionally been a sought-after location for businesses of all kinds. However, the Sunshine State’s current attitude toward the medical cannabis industry is becoming increasingly stringent. While Florida sits at number 26 in this year’s CNBC ranking for ‘business friendliness’, many in the cannabis sector argue that this rank might be an overestimation.

New Tightened Eligibility Requirements for Workers

A recent bill has made the eligibility criteria for industry workers more stringent. This legislation mandates:

• Removal of exemptions from employment background screenings for individuals with felonies after three years.

• The same rule applies to misdemeanors after the terms of their sentence have been fulfilled.

• For felonies reduced to misdemeanors, these exemptions are also revoked.

This means businesses face hurdles in workforce recruitment, particularly impacting those who have already encountered difficulties in job hunting post-incarceration.

New Increased Financial Burdens on Businesses

Small businesses face further pressure as fees associated with federal fingerprinting processing are now shouldered by the business, not the individual undergoing the background check.

New Regulations Surrounding Cannabis Advertisements

The recent laws explicitly prohibit the promotion of recreational cannabis use. Yet, there remains ambiguity surrounding what qualifies as promotional products or messages.

The Bigger Picture with Cannabis Convictions

A significant concern is the impact on Floridians who have previously faced marijuana-related misdemeanor or felony charges. With a potential shift in cannabis regulation on the horizon, it seems counterintuitive to penalize these individuals.

The Future of Cannabis in Florida

Florida’s stance on medical cannabis is evolving. While there are challenges, the significant growth of the program and the potential for the future means that stakeholders should remain informed and engaged.

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