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SB 1698: Florida Cracks Down Heavy on Hemp Products!

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services recently enforced restrictions on a large volume of hemp-derived products found at a business in Hollywood, Florida.

On a recent inspection, authorities discovered over 186,000 units of hemp products and another 644 units designed to appeal to children, containing synthetic cannabinoids at the premises of High Roller Private Label LLC, a CBD product manufacturer based in Hollywood.

To enforce these law changes, the department conducted the largest ever inspection sweep of businesses selling hemp products in the summer of 2023. The sweep included inspections of more than 700 businesses in all 67 Florida counties and uncovered over 83,000 packages of hemp products, including euphoric, high-potency THC products, targeting children. FDACS.

This action is part of a broader enforcement wave following the implementation of new state legislation in July 2023.

This law specifically targets hemp-extract products intended for human consumption that might attract minors, prohibiting their sale to anyone under 21 years of age. To date, the department has halted the sale of approximately 631,000 child-targeted hemp items and over 420,000 units containing illicit synthetic cannabinoids.

The 2023 statute also mandates that hemp product packaging should not attract children, outlawing designs that feature human figures, cartoons, animals, or resemble popular candies. These regulations were established to curb the appeal of such products to the youth.

Violating these packaging and sale regulations can result in significant legal consequences, including misdemeanor charges, with repeated offenses within a single year escalating in severity.

Senate Bill 1698

Recent legislative efforts include Senate Bill 1698, which seeks to ban intoxicating hemp products altogether. This bill has sparked significant debate among manufacturers and retailers of hemp products, who argue that it would not only close businesses but also push consumers towards the black market. As this bill progresses, industry stakeholders are calling on Governor Ron DeSantis to veto the measure, highlighting its potential impacts on the legal hemp industry in Florida.

This legislation comes amidst a national conversation on the regulation of substances like hemp and its derivatives, underscoring the ongoing balancing act between consumer safety, business interests, and regulatory oversight.


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