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Science: Cannabis vs Depression Anxiety & Stress

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

What does science have to say about medical cannabis and treatments of anxiety stress and depression? Recent studies reveal significant perceived results for medical cannabis consumers and practicioners.

Cannabis Reduced Depression Anxiety & Stress

The study counted the dose by each inhale or 'puff.' Over 50% of medical cannabis patients noticed a reduction in depression, while 58% reported a reduction in anxiety and stress after inhalations.

  • Depression: low THC and high CBD reduced perceived symptoms

  • Stress: high THC and high CBD reduced perceived symptoms

What does science have to say about medical cannabis and treatments of stress and depression? Recent studies reveal significant results for cannabis consumers and practicioners.

Science: Cannabis vs Depression Anxiety & Stress

The study, 'A naturalistic examination of the perceived effects of cannabis on negative affect,' reviews the ability of smokable cannabis to 'alleviate symptoms of negative affect'; specifiacally depression, anxiety, and stress under the administration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol.)

Multilevel Modeling Tracked over 11,950 Sessions

The study tracked cannabis sessions and the number of inhalations taken by the patients. For example, only 2 inhalations 'puffs' appear to show signs of reduced ratings of anxiety and depression. Meanwhile, those tracked also reported lower levels of overall stress after 10 inhalations.

  • Total Tracked Sessions: 11,953

  • Depression: 3,151

  • Anxiety: 5.058

  • Stress: 3,717

Science: Cannabis vs Depression Anxiety & Stress

Image credit: A naturalistic examination of the perceived effects of cannabis on negative affect - Carrie Cutler Alexander Spradlin & Ryan J.McLaughlin

Much remains to be discovered and some results suggest that overconsumption can have negative effects on stress, anxiety and depression.

How Do I Know Which Cannabis is Best for Me?

Medical marijuana patients face a daunting task when finding the best cannabis strains. Due to cannabis legalization, generations of Americans are trying medical cannabis for the first time. Knowing the best cannabis strains has been trial and error. Until now.

Advanced technologies entrepreneurs and medical marijuana doctors have worked to solve the question for years. Several vanguards in personalized digital cannabis health are Oblend RYAH and WeDecode.

Oblend: Personalized Blended Cannabis Oils

Cannabis oils have been used for thousands of years. Today, medical cannabis patients can have their cannabis oils personalized with Oblend. Like a diet plan, Oblend begins with a starter kit based on your needs. Track your experiences take insightful surveys and discover how your body is reacting. Your personal feedback allows Oblend to continually adjust your cannabis oil formulations to better fit your needs.

Your OMNI certifying physician is proud to offer Oblend to address anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Oblend provides the precision and consistency needed to truly personalize products – one blend at a time. Our formulas are blended only from ingredients that meet the highest industry standards and are subjected to stringent independent testing to ensure precision and consistency. Oblend ingredients are safe, pure, and clean.

RYAH: Personalized Digital Medical Cannabis Health

Wouldn't it be nice to know what you're really consuming in your body as oppossed to the latest street advice or a sales person? Now, you can. RYAH is leading the way to help consumers with practical and adaptable digital health devices that work with your smartphones. Track consumptions, strains, responses, and start building your own personalized awareness profile for better results.

Personalized Digital Health: The era of personalized digital health is here. RYAH provides delivery systems for cannabis, other drugs and nutraceuticals. Real-time consumption monitoring of what, when, how much, who consumed is related to why (prescriptions, wellness goals), demographics, and other data.

RYAH provides delivery systems for cannabis.

WeDecode: Personalized Optimal Health Decisions

Medical cannabis comes in hundreds of varieties and thousands of products. WeDecode is helping patients unlock insights into a compresshensive approach to cannabis. Using a simple at home DNA test, medical cannabis patients can take a deep dive into their own body and make better decisions.

We Decode aims to empower individuals to make optimal health decisions based on comprehensive genomics screenings that successfully predict, inform and then match interested individuals to optimal cannabis products based on their genetics make up.

Optimal cannabis products based on their genetics make up.

WeDecode: Presonlized wellness and reports based on genome sequencing.

Maybe it is time to start spending time on yourself and reflect on how to better cope with stress anxiety and depression. When in doubt, always speak with a trusted medical professional.

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