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South Carolina: Medical Marijuana Bill Approved in Committee!

Lawmakers in South Carolina’s House approved (finally) a Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana

In a 15-3 vote, the House Medical, Military, Public and Municipal Affairs Committee advanced South Carolina’s drive towards legalizing medical marijuana. If passed, it would also be one of the most restrictive bills in the nation.

S.C. Vote Reveals a Stunning Array of Misinformation and Continued Resistance by Many Lawmakers

  • Over 100 amendments were proposed by Rep. Vic Dabney (R)

  • After democratic leadership ruled the 100 amendments “as dilatory” Rep. Vic Dabney subsequently withdrew his proposal.

  • Rep. Vic Dabney (R) referred to indica strains of cannabis as “activa.”

  • Rep. Vic Dabney also said the indica strains were less potent than other varieties.

Reefer Madness is Alive and Well in South Carolina

“My concern is, across the nation, wherever these bills have passed, a lot of problems develop, a friend in Washington State, he continued, told him that it “ruined” the state, with “people laying around on the streets…just stoned all the time.” Rep. Vic Dabney (R)
Cannabis remains “a street drug” and “a gateway drug.” Rep. Sandy McGarry (R)
“Americans want a chemical to solve every single problem. My concern with this bill is that encourages people to use marijuana to deal with their problems.”

How Many Medical Marijuana Licenses Would South Carolina Have Under Current Bill?

  • 15 cannabis cultivators

  • 30 processing facilities

  • 5 testing laboratories

  • 4 cannabis transporters

  • No dispensaries

  • Local businesses get licensing priority

  • Aims to prevent multi-state operator (MSO)

  • Anyone with a felony-level drug conviction would be barred from the industry for a period of 10 years.

  • Local governments could ban medical cannabis businesses from operating in their jurisdictions.

South Carolina Medical Marijuana Bill: No Dispensaries - but Cannabis Pharmacies

  • Mandates the South Carolina Board of Pharmacy to draft rules and license facilities.

  • Mandates Cannabis Pharmacies to have a full-time pharmacist on site.

  • 1 cannabis pharmacy for every 20 pharmacies in the state.

Who Would be in Charge of Regulations and Licensing?

  • South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control would be mandated to oversea regulations and licensing.

South Carolina’s Medical Cannabis Advisory Board

  • The bill also creates a brand new Medical Cannabis Advisory Board.

  • The board would congress once a year and be able to add or remove qualifying conditions.

Medical Marijuana Packaging and Labeling Rules in South Carolina

  • Cannabis products be labeled as indica, sativa or hybrid.

Medical Marijuana, Yes. Smoking, No!

  • South Carolina’s medical marijuana bills would ban smoking.

What are the Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana in South Carolina?

  • Cancer

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Epilepsy

  • Glaucoma

  • Crohn’s disease

  • Sickle cell anemia

  • Ulcerative colitis

  • Cachexia or wasting syndrome

  • Autism

  • Nausea in homebound or end-of-life patients

  • Muscle spasms

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • Terminal patients with less than a year to live

More Conditions Could be Authorized by Legislators

In a win for advocates of medical cannabis, patients could also use medical cannabis for “any chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition for which an opioid is currently or could be prescribed by a physician based on generally accepted standards of care.”

Democrats Support Medical Marijuana for Veterans and Children

“If it’s going to help children, I say do it. If it’s going to help curing pains of some of your fellow veterans…I say do it. Not everything that is challenged can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is challenged.” Rep. Wendy Brawley (D)

How Would Medical Marijuana be Taxed in South Carolina?

  • The bill would impose six percent sales tax

  • Local licensing jurisdictions would be able to add additional local taxes

  • 75% of tax revenue goes to the state’s general fund

  • 10% going to drug use disorder treatment service providers,

  • 5% going to state law enforcement

  • Any remaining funds would go to cannabis research and drug education

What Do South Carolina Voters Say About Medical Marijuana?

As much as Democratic and Republican officials disagree in South Carolina, the public stands united in favor of reforms.

  • Democrats: 72%

  • Republicans: 63%

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