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Thanksgiving 2023: Celebrating Over 50% of Americans in Cannabis-Friendly States

A Thanksgiving Tribute: Grateful for Progress in Cannabis Legalization

As we gather around the table this Thanksgiving 2023, let's reflect on a remarkable milestone in American history. This year, we have a special reason to give thanks: over half of the U.S. population now lives in states that have legalized cannabis for adult use. This significant shift in national policy and perspective towards cannabis symbolizes progress, understanding, and acceptance.

Thanksgiving 2023: Celebrating Over 50% of Americans in Cannabis-Friendly States
Thanksgiving 2023: Celebrating Over 50% of Americans in Cannabis-Friendly States

Ohio's Thanksgiving Gift: A Reason to Give Thanks

Ohio's recent decision to legalize marijuana is like a Thanksgiving gift to the nation. Joining the ranks of 24 states with full legalization, Ohio's move highlights a national trend towards embracing cannabis. With 38 states, including Washington, D.C., allowing medical cannabis use, we're witnessing a dramatic transformation, despite the continued federal prohibition.

A Reason for National Gratitude: Growing Support of Cannabis

This year, we count among our blessings the fact that 176 million Americans (53% of the population) live in areas where cannabis is legally accessible. When including states with legalized medical marijuana, this number soars to nearly 74%. This widespread acceptance across the nation is a testament to changing attitudes and a cause for collective gratitude.

Celebrating Unity and Support: National Shift Towards Cannabis Legalization

In this season of thanksgiving, we also celebrate the unity shown in support of cannabis legalization. According to a Gallup poll, a record 70% of Americans now advocate for ending cannabis prohibition. This consensus spans across state lines and political divides, uniting us in a common goal.

Reflecting on the Journey and Looking Forward:

While the road to federal legalization has been complex, the direction is clear and promising. The growing acceptance and integration of cannabis into our society not only offer therapeutic benefits but also symbolize societal evolution and understanding.

The Future of Cannabis: Reflecting on Progress and Anticipating Change

This Thanksgiving, let's commit to staying informed and playing an active role in this ongoing change!

Join OMNI Medical's Cannabis Research Group

This Thanksgiving, as we express our gratitude for family, friends, and the progress we've made, let's also take a moment to acknowledge the strides taken in cannabis legalization. Join OMNI’s medical cannabis research group to contribute to this significant journey. Your involvement can make a meaningful difference in advancing our understanding of medical cannabis. Join us now and be a part of a movement that’s not just about cannabis, but about progress, understanding, and unity.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁🦃🍂

Creating a chronological list of U.S. states that have legalized cannabis for medical and recreational use is a great way to understand the progression of cannabis legalization across the country. Let's start with the medical states, followed by the recreational states:

List of Legal Medical Cannabis States 2023:

1. California (1996)

2. Oregon (1998)

3. Alaska (1998)

4. Washington (1998)

5. Maine (1999)

6. Hawaii (2000)

7. Colorado (2000)

8. Nevada (2000)

9. Montana (2004)

10. Vermont (2004)

11. Rhode Island (2006)

12. New Mexico (2007)

13. Michigan (2008)

14. Arizona (2010)

15. New Jersey (2010)

16. Washington D.C. (2010)

17. Delaware (2011)

18. Connecticut (2012)

19. Massachusetts (2012)

20. Illinois (2013)

21. New Hampshire (2013)

22. Maryland (2014)

23. Minnesota (2014)

24. New York (2014)

25. Louisiana (2015)

26. Pennsylvania (2016)

27. Ohio (2016)

28. Arkansas (2016)

29. Florida (2016)

30. North Dakota (2016)

31. West Virginia (2017)

32. Oklahoma (2018)

33. Utah (2018)

34. Missouri (2018)

35. Virginia (2020)

36. South Dakota (2020)

37. Mississippi (2020)

38. Alabama (2021)

List of Recreational Cannabis States 2023:

1. Colorado (2012)

2. Washington (2012)

3. Alaska (2014)

4. Oregon (2014)

5. Washington D.C. (2014)

6. California (2016)

7. Massachusetts (2016)

8. Nevada (2016)

9. Maine (2016)

10. Vermont (2018)

11. Michigan (2018)

12. Illinois (2019)

13. Arizona (2020)

14. Montana (2020)

15. New Jersey (2020)

16. New York (2021)

17. Virginia (2021)

18. Connecticut (2021)

19. New Mexico (2021)

20. Rhode Island (2022)

21. Maryland (2022)

22. Missouri (2022)

23. South Dakota (2022) [Note: South Dakota's legalization status may be subject to change due to ongoing legal challenges]

24. Ohio (2023)



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