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Could Cannabis Boost Your Love Life? Exploring the Potential with a Harvard Professor

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Is Cannabis the Key to Amplifying Your Love Life? Delving into the Prospective Role of Marijuana in Intimacy with Harvard Professor, Dr. Jordan Tishler.

Could Cannabis Boost Your Love Life? Exploring the Potential with a Harvard Professor

Cannabis has long been acknowledged for its diverse benefits. Now, it is emerging as a potential tool for enhancing sexual experiences. The marketplace offers an array of products, from mood-enhancing teas to infused lubricants, suggesting that cannabis may be a key ingredient for intimacy.

A Historic Trip: Cannabis and Human Sexuality

Historically, cannabis has been intertwined with sexual rituals in various cultures:

  • As far back as 700 AD, Indian Ayurvedic texts recommended cannabis as an aphrodisiac.

  • Chinese wedding traditions of the seventh century included serving a soup made with cannabis seeds to the newlyweds.

  • During the Victorian era (1837–1901), cannabis was often prescribed by physicians for a variety of women's health concerns, including sexual anxieties.

  • In the 1930s, there were reports that young Russian brides would use a blend of cannabis and lamb fat to alleviate discomfort during their first sexual encounter.

  • The 1960s sexual revolution saw a surge in mainstream awareness about the connection between cannabis and sex.

In the present day, the market is rich with products aiming to enhance sexual performance and satisfaction.

Infused Products and Their Potential

The market is rife with strains and edibles targeted at improving sexual experiences. There are vaporizers and emerging brands of cannabis teas stated to boost your sex life.

Another popular trend is cannabis-infused personal lubricants, primarily made with cannabis-infused coconut oil.

These products purport to stimulate arousal and sensation, particularly in women.

Dr. Jordan Tishler's Perspective: An Expert's Insight

Dr. Jordan Tishler, a renowned cannabinoid specialist, shares that many of his patients report improvements in their sex lives after incorporating cannabis. He believes that cannabis oil might enhance blood flow and sensitivity, enriching sexual experiences, but most of sexuality occurs 'between the ears, not the legs' topical cannabis is not very effective.

Instead, Dr. Tishler often suggests vaporizing flower (never oil) as the preferred method of consumption. This offers better control of onset compared to edibles and is more effective than topicals.

"Most sexuality happens above the neck," Tishler notes, emphasizing the psychological aspect of sexual experiences.

He also highlights that current medical treatments mainly focus on erectile dysfunction, but many male sexuality problems aren't solely about erections. In such scenarios, Tishler suggests that cannabis could be beneficial for couples grappling with mismatched sex drives.

Words of Caution and Future Direction

Although the connection between cannabis and improved sexual experiences is promising, Tishler underscores the importance of the right dosage. Overindulgence, especially in men, can result in impaired performance.

The potential of marijuana in enhancing sexual experiences remains an area largely uncharted in formal medical curricula. However, experts like Tishler see potential. "For those dealing with sexual issues," he says, "there's a little more to it than 'Go smoke a doobie’".

As we navigate the expanding intersection of cannabis and sexual health, the future holds promise for a fascinating exploration of these two realms.

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Dr. Jordan Tishler is a prominent Cannabinoid Specialist and founder of the Association of Cannabinoid Specialists. An alumnus of Harvard College and Harvard Medical School, he has served in several medical roles, including Emergency Physician, and is currently faculty at both Mass General Brigham and Harvard Medical School. His deep exploration into the safety and treatment of cannabinoids was driven by his experiences in treating patients harmed by alcohol and drugs. Recognized for his expertise, Dr. Tishler regularly serves as a keynote speaker and author on the medical applications of cannabinoids. Despite his contributions to the industry, he advocates for better regulations to safeguard patient interests. Among his numerous accolades, he has received the Clinician of the Year award from both Americans for Safe Access and the Marfan's Society.



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