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OHIO: Senate Bill #261 Approved - Expands Medical Marijuana Program

Developing news, 5-years after passing Ohio's first medical marijuana program, Senate Bill (SB) 261 passes and now moves on to the Ohio House. Senate Bill 261 is sponsored by Sen. Steve Huffman, R-Tipp City, OH.

Ohio Senate Passes SB #261 - Expands Medical Marijuana Program Patients, Doctors, Licenses, Conditions and more

"We can end on a high note." Sen. Steve Huffman, R-Tipp City, OH.

OH: SB #261 Passes Senate - Expands Medical Marijuana Program in Many Ways

Senate Bill #161 would drastically alter Ohio's medical marijuana program for patients, doctors, administration, cultivation, licensing, and more.

  • Allow previously denied cultivators access to licensing

  • Allow cultivators to expand their facilities

  • Allow doctors to recommend marijuana for any medical condition they 'believe marijuana would help

  • Increase the number of Ohio dispensary licenses

  • At least one licensed retail dispensary per 1,000 registered patients up to the first 300,000 registered patients and then adding additional retail dispensaries on an as-needed basis

  • 1,000 patients per dispensary

  • Allow dispensaries to advertise on social media without prior approval

  • Establish a division of marijuana within the commerce department

  • Remove oversight of medical marijuana from the Ohio Board of Pharmacy

  • Creation of the Division of Marijuana Control (DMC)

  • Still prohibits smoking

  • Still prohibits home cultivation by patients

  • Requires equity study to determine remedial measures

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