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President Announces Marijuana Pardons and Federal Rescheduling!

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Breaking news: October 6, 2022,

President Biden announced groundbreaking steps to reform federal marijuana laws by rescheduling and granting pardons for EVERYONE convicted of federal cannabis possession charges. The president also called on the nation's Governors to also pardon those convicted of cannabis possession at the state-level

President Announces Marijuana Pardons and Federal Rescheduling!

I’m pardoning all prior federal offenses of simple marijuana possession. There are thousands of people who were previously convicted of simple possession who may be denied employment, housing, or educational opportunities as a result. My pardon will remove this burden. President Biden Oct 6, 2022

Calls for Rescheduling of Marijuana at the Federal Level

What does the president's announcement do for rescheduling?

  1. Calls for an administrative review of federal marijuana.

  2. Conducted by the Justice Department (DOJ)

  3. In conjunction with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHSS)

  4. Marijuana is currently a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substance Act (CSA) one should be in a federal prison solely for possessing marijuana, no one should be in a local jail or state prison for that reason, either,” President Biden Oct 6, 2022

This could be the greatest change in our nation's storied history with our relationship with a plant called cannabis.

The rescheduling of cannabis would have a national and global impact on our planet, and our fellow citizens, as well as take a tremendous burden off of our law enforcement professionals while ushering in the end potential of marijuana criminal cartels.

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