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SB 669: North Carolina Medical Marijuana FAQ - Enact Medical Cannabis Bill

SB 669: North Carolina Medical Marijuana FAQ - Enact Medical Cannabis Bill

Two new bills were introduced in the North Carolina Senate last month and if enacted, one would legalize the use of medical marijuana and the other would in effect fully legalize the use of marijuana for both medical and recreational use. Keep reading as we answer some frequently asked questions with respect to North Carolina’s latest medical marijuana legislation.

SB 699: What is the North Carolina Medical Marijuana Bill?

North Carolina’s medical marijuana bill was introduced as Senate Bill 669, under the short title, Enact Medical Cannabis Bill. The purpose of the bill is to permit the medical use and cultivation of cannabis in the state of North Carolina.

SB 669: What Medical Conditions are Covered in the Bill?

Currently, the proposed legislation does not offer a list of qualifying medical conditions. Where it stands, the bill merely indicates that ‘qualified patients’ may be recommended for the use of cannabis. The bill defines qualified patient as a person who has been diagnosed by a physician as having a medical condition. It is likely that a list of qualifying conditions will be set forth by legislatures as the bill progresses.

Sb 669: How Could I Get a Medical Marijuana License N. Carolina?

Under the proposed legislation a patient must be issued a written certification by a licensed physician. A written certification will consist of a statement in a patient's medical records, or a statement signed by a physician indicating that, in the physician's professional opinion, the patient has a medical condition and the potential health benefits of the medical use of cannabis would likely outweigh the health risks for the patient.